GlobalVision Desktop is installed with four pre-set reporting levels: Critical, Major, Minor, and Ignore.
A maximum of five levels is supported. To assist in the review process, administrators and managers can customize the levels by changing the color, changing the description, adding a new level, and deleting a level as described below.

Reporting Levels

Menu  > Administration > Reporting Levels

Customizing the Reporting Level

Adding/deleting a level

  • To add a level, click Add. A level will be added to the bottom of the Reporting Levels list.
  • To delete a level, select the level in the Reporting Levels window and click Delete. The level will be removed from the list. Click Accept.

Changing the Color

  • To change the color, left-click the color in the Color column to select it. The Select Color window will display. Select the desired color and click OK. The modified color will display in the Reporting Levels window. Click Accept.

Changing the description

  • To change the description, double-click the Description field in the Description column. Enter the desired text and click Accept.

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