• Addition of scanner support (first release of ScanProof).
  • Addition of BarProof functionality for barcode decoding and verification.
  • Ability to inspect Acrobat Illustrator files (PDF-compatible only).
  • User interface, messages and tool tips available in the following localized languages: French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese (Simplified).
  • Addition of Image Similarity, Repeat Variance, Match Thresholding, and Desired DPI setup options.
  • Ability to copy and rename setups and restore default setups.
  • Ability to use shortcut key (CTRL+S) to adjust setups during inspection.
  • Addition of comprehensive setup information to the inspection report.
  • Validation documentation available.

Bug Fixes

  • Improved file-loading speed for large files (54"+ press sheets).
  • Improved repeat detection logic so invalid repeats are not detected.
  • Corrected an issue where re-running an inspection multiple times may lead to inconsistent results.
  • Improved stability for Mac OS when dealing with separations/ layers for PDF files.
  • Ability to set the repeat as master after switching from Master/ Sample view.
  • Levels and number of levels are not displayed in bold in the Inspection Summary.
  • Save file no longer contains unsupported file format option (TGA).
  • Corrected error message where details are repeated.
  • Crop to Content properly refreshed when the inspection area is modified.
  • Difference panel indicates when a comment has been added to a difference.
  • Ability to edit the current setup and re-inspect while in inspection mode.
  • Scroll bar in the Repeats panel is in the correct location regardless of resolution.
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