• Difference box correctly positioned in the overview panel when inspecting multiple pages (Macs only).
  • Selected separations are hidden on subsequent loadings within the PDF Viewer when "Hide by default" option is used.
  • Pages panel is displayed on the right-hand side of the Inspection panel (Booklet mode only).
  • Inspection Report is translated correctly for supported languages.
  • Duplicate Apply button removed when multiple differences are selected to apply comments.
  • Blank pre-set comments may not be entered.
  • Pre-set comments are available when double-clicking a difference in the Inspection panel.
  • Color-difference information displayed correctly to meet applied regional settings.
  • Active setup name displays correctly after the Set Repeat as Master option is selected.
  • Tool tip added to the Report Viewer > File Menu icon.
  • CRTL+S hot key is available only to users with admin privileges.
  • Ability to view events in the Audit Trail using the filter option for the default admin user.
  • Last admin account cannot be set to inactive (system requires one account to always remain active).
  • Changed the password for the default administrator to be more generic.
  • Ability to search or import a domain user when logged in to the application as a domain user.
  • System does not crash when accessing the License window or returning from sleep mode (intermittent issue – Macs only).
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