The Application is installed with six pre-set comments: Color, Registration, Text, Image, Barcode, and Braille. A maximum of 10 comments is supported. To assist in the review process, administrators and managers can customize the comments by changing the text, adding a new comment, and deleting a comment as described below.

Menu  > Administration > Comments

Comments Customization 

Adding new Comment

  • To add a comment, click Add. Enter the comment in the text box and click Add. The comment will be added to the bottom of the list.

Changing and Updating Comment

  • To change a comment, double-click the comment to select it, edit the text in the text box, and click Update. The updated comment will display in the Preset Comments window.

Deleting Comment

  • To delete a comment, select it in the Preset Comments window and click Delete. A message will display to confirm the deletion. Click Yes. The comment will be removed from the Preset Comments window.
  • When comments customization is completed, click Accept to save any changes. The Preset Comments window will close.
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