Manage Workflows

Each of the default workflows can be accessed and modified from the Workflow window.

To load the Workflow window:
Menu  > Administration > Workflows

Add a Workflow

To create a new workflow:

  • Click Add.

  • The Edit Workflow window will load.
  • Enter text in the Workflow name field to title the workflow.
  • Click on the required DPI under Inspection Resolution or click on Custom and enter a custom value (either by typing it in directly in the corresponding field or using the arrows on either side).
  • Select the appropriate device by using the Scanner drop-down list.
  • Check Grayscale to scan in the file in black and white.
  • Adjust the Brightness, Contrast, and Gamma settings, or enter in custom values based on your preferences and needs. Values can be typed in or the individual bars can alternatively be adjusted by clicking and sliding each button or clicking the up and down arrows on the side.
  • Check Support Rotated Repeats to enable rotated repeats to be detected. The inspection will run as if the images weren’t rotated.
  • Check the desired inspection mode(s) and select the desired action and profile from the corresponding drop-down lists.
  • Click Apply to save the workflow or Cancel to disregard any selections made and return to the Workflow window.

Import a Workflow

To import a workflow:

  • Select Import to load the Open window.
  • Browse for the .xml file you would like to import and click Open. The loaded workflow will appear in the Workflow window.

Export a Workflow

To export a workflow:

  • Select the workflow to be exported and click Export.
  • The Save As window will display with <workflow>.xml in the Name field.
  • Select the desired folder location and enter the desired file name.
  • Click Save.

Copy a Workflow

To create a workflow based on an existing workflow:

  • Click on the workflow of your choice and then Copy.
  • Enter the new workflow name in the text box that appears and click OK.
  • The new name will display in the Workflow window.
  • Double-click the new workflow to load and change its parameters via its Edit Workflow window (see the section called Add a Workflow above for more details).

Rename a Workflow

To rename a workflow:

  • Select the workflow to be renamed and click Rename.
  • Enter the name in the text box that appears and click OK. The Workflow window will display with the new profile name listed.

Delete a Workflow

To delete a workflow:

  • Select the workflow to be deleted and click Delete.
  • The following message will display:” Are you sure you wish to delete the workflow [name]?
  • Click Yes to confirm the deletion.

Modify a Workflow

To modify parameter values from the Workflow window:

  • Double-click on the workflow you would like to change in the loaded Workflow window.
  • Update the values as required in the Edit Workflow window, once it loads (see the section called Add a Workflow above for more details).
  • Click Apply to make the changes.
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