Using partial Inspection/Selection tools helps users define specific portions of a loaded file to be verified in Braille Inspection

1. Overprint

Clicking the Overprint icon displays a simulation of how blending and overprinting appear in the color-separated output, this however won't be applied during the inspection. Toggling Overprint also re-loads the files.

The default is toggled ON.

2. Crop

To crop the area to be verified during an inspection, click Crop icon, and drag the cursor.

The selected area is surrounded by a red box, which can either be cleared by clicking on the border and selecting Delete or resized by clicking and dragging to adjust its borders.

Note: You cannot apply multiple crops on the same page.

2.1. Auto Crop (Trim Box)

When a PDF file is uploaded, Braille Inspection checks to see if a PDF trim box exists. If one is found, Braille Inspection automatically draws a crop box around the trim area and only the region within the crop box is inspected hereafter.

If you try to add your own crop box without removing the auto-generated one, Braille Inspection displays the message:

"Please remove the crop box on the document before proceeding."

To remove the auto-generated crop box, click Clear All on the toolbar or click on its border and select Delete.

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