After a Braille inspection is run, the Inspection panel displays. Translated Braille regions and accompanying measurements/ characteristics of each can be reviewed.

1. Navigating differences

Click the Previous or Next arrow to navigate between regions, each of which will be highlighted in the Inspection panel once selected.

2. Seeing your Braille inspection results

Navigating to a region automatically toggles on the Notes panel, where measurements for each Braille region are found. 

A small sampling of the measurements of the selected Braille region is highlighted, while a longer list can be accessed by clicking the Show more link at the bottom. The list of measurements/ characteristics is made up of the following:

  • Language
  • Status
  • Lines
  • Characters
  • Dots
  • Dot Width
  • Dot H Spacing
  • Dot V Spacing
  • Character Spacing
  • Line Spacing
  • Word Spacing
  • Translation 

3. Accessing the Difference List

Click on the Difference List icon to maximize it and see the measurements/ characteristics of all the detected Braille regions at once. The navigation functionalities at the top of the Inspection panel are ported over to the Difference List.

The individual regions' measurements/ characteristics appear under the Master heading (1), with their respective measurements/ characteristics listed to their right. 

Click the Previous or Next arrow (2) to navigate between differences, each of which will still be highlighted in the Inspection panel once selected. 

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