• Support for Internet Explorer.
  • Support for Safari. 
  • New integrated GlobalVision support chat. 
  • Added audit trail events for added, changed, or deleted annotations .
  • Ability to add an image to a file (new annotation) .

Bug Fixes  

  • Report-limit warning message displays prior to user file upload. 
  • Corrected display issues for lower resolution (1366 X 768).
  • Able to auto-scroll beyond the area selected (required for zoning).
  • Proofing toolbar hides from view when Difference List launches (Chrome version 60.0.X+). 

Graphics Inspection Bug Fixes: 

  • Corrected the handling of group layers that are applied to multiple pages.
  • Layers turned off prior to the inspection remain turned off after the inspection (sample specific).
  • All layers are displayed properly after the inspection (sample specific).
  • Error message no longer displays in Graphics app after Text Inspection files are reloaded and Spot Layers is enabled. 

Text Inspection Bug Fixes: 

  • Red boxes highlighting differences no longer overlap text on both sides.
  • Improved placement of red boxes on differences.
  • Cross-outs/Underlines remain in the Master/ Report panels after cropping is applied.
  • User may apply cross-outs/ underlines/ table zones on the same file. 
  • Cross-out/ Underline Text and Create Zone are correctly applied to specified areas with Select by Area enabled. 
  • Hidden layers no longer selected and inspected when Underline/ Cross-out Text/ Create Zone tools applied. 
  • Corrected issues with text selection not working for underline, strike-outs, or zoning (file specific).
  • Zoning will find the selected area even if the area is not an exact match. 
  • Zone is correctly applied to the Master/ Sample files even if there are reading order issues with the Sample file.
  • Ability to apply Cross-out/ Underline/T able Zone to text that is slanted.
  • Table Zone mode is retained once Add to Last Zone is enabled. 
  • Ability to select text by reading order after an inspection is completed (sample specific).
  • Microsoft Word files (with specific restricted permissions) load correctly.
  • Korean text displays correctly in the Change Grid.
  • Non-reviewed differences are included in the annotated report as specified. 
  • Difference is re-synched correctly for identical capitalized text strings.
  • Master and Sample images flash in the report panel for an Image Comparison. 

Spelling Inspection Bug Fixes:

  • Custom dictionary updated correctly without black screen appearing. 
  • Red boxes highlighting error no longer overlap the text on both sides.

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