To remove old GlobalVision desktop registration files:

  • Open the "View" menu in your system's "File Explorer".
  • Select "Options". 
  • Click "View" in the "Folder Options" menu.
  • Expand "Hidden files and folders" in the list,  then select "Show hidden files, folders, or drives".
  • Click "Apply".
  • With GlobalVision Desktop closed, navigate to C:\ProgramData\Key-Base and remove all files and folders. Do NOT remove the Key-Base folder.
  • Launch GlobalVision and select Licensing via the Help menu.
  • In the Licensing window, click Copy to Clipboard and paste the content in an email addressed to [email protected] 
  • Request a license key.
  • Once you receive the license key from GlobalVision (within 24 hours), click Enter License in the same Licensing window.
  • Enter the license key in the prompt that appears. The Application is then ready to use.

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