What follows is a list of the most frequently asked questions from both potential new and returning customers, with regard to the purchasing process as a whole. It's been sub-divided into five sections:

  • Licensing
  • Ordering
  • Payment
  • Shipping
  • Support


1. What is the difference between concurrent and named licenses? 

Concurrent licenses allow the software to be shared by many users. The number of simultaneous users is limited to the number of concurrent licenses purchased. The benefit of this license type allows for more users to be covered with fewer licenses.

Named licenses tie specific users to licenses, meaning no one other than that user can log in.

2. How many users can use a concurrent license?

There is no maximum number of users that can use a concurrent license, but only one can use a single license at a time.


3. How do I add more licenses?

New licenses can be added by contacting your GlobalVision sales representative to make changes to your account. No re-installs are necessary to add licenses.


4. Are concurrent licenses available for GlobalVision Web?

Concurrent licenses are only available for GlobalVision Web for deployments with a private server. Generally, this is not recommended by GlobalVision, but under certain circumstances we can accommodate requests for concurrent licenses in conjunction with GlobalVision Web.


5. What are the benefits of having GlobalVision host the Application?

GlobalVision provides the following:

  • Instant access
  • 24/ 7 surveillance of a managed service
  • Guaranteed uptime
  • Back-ups
  • Security updates and patches
  • Access to multiple data centers (in Canada or Europe)
  • Pre-validated environment
  • The latest version of the software (along with updates and upgrades)



6. Where can I find pricing for GlobalVision products?

Pricing varies depending on the options selected. For a starting point, the prices of our products are listed on the GlobalVision Pricing page.


7. Can I evaluate a product for free before purchasing it?

We offer free trials of our GlobalVision Web and GlobalVision Desktop deployment options for a period of two weeks. For trials of our hardware systems, we offer one-day trial workshops, during which a GlobalVision representative demonstrates the system on-site. Please contact sales for more information.

8. How do I upgrade to Color Inspection?

For customers considering the Color Inspection module, we recommend buying the full Color Inspection system (including a Color-Ready scanner) to start. If, after an evaluation period of 90 days, it is determined Color Inspection isn’t needed, we will reimburse you the cost of the Color Inspection software.

For customers with a Print Inspection system already who are looking to upgrade upon purchase of the Color Inspection module, we will exchange your scanner for a Color-Ready model within 12 months of purchase (evaluation required). If it had been purchased more than 12 months ago, you will need to purchase the full Color Inspection system.


9. Could I add a module to my existing GlobalVision deployment?

Yes. Please contact your sales representative to add modules to your current deployment.


10. How do I request a quote?

Quotes can conveniently and easily be requested through the GlobalVision Pricing page.


11. Does GlobalVision offer any discounts?

Yes, we offer quantity breaks and license-term discounts that are built into our pricing. For more information, please contact sales.


12. Can I request a quote in my specific currency?

Currently GlobalVision offers quotes in either U.S. dollars or Euros.


13. How can I make changes to a quote?

You can contact your current account executive to discuss any potential changes to a quote.


14. Do I need a Purchase Order or will a signed quote suffice?

GlobalVision accepts signed quotes, but P.O.s are preferred.


15. How long does it take to go live from the points at which I place an order?

  • For GlobalVision Web: You can be up and running in a week, if the server is hosted by GlobalVision. If the Application will be hosted in a private environment by the customer, it can take between two and four weeks.
  • For GlobalVision Desktop: You can be up and running within two weeks.
  • For a complete Print Inspection system: It takes 4-6 weeks to deliver. The installation will be scheduled after you receive the system.

NOTE: All periods of time above are estimates and can vary from customer to customer.


16. Is there a command-line version of the software available for the purposes of making customizations?

Yes, customizations are available and can be made upon request. Contact sales to make a request.


17. Does GlobalVision offer APIs for its desktop and web applications?

Yes, customizations are available and can be made upon request. Contact sales to make a request.

18. Does GlobalVision have a partner program for potential resellers?

Yes, you can apply to become a GlobalVision Partner by filling out the form on our Partners page.



19. How can I pay an outstanding invoice?

You can send all checks to:


16800 Route Trans-Canada

Montreal, QC


H9H 4M7


Or you can email [email protected] for the required contact and banking information.


20. What payment methods do you accept?

GlobalVision prefers bank transfers, but payments are also accepted by check and credit card.


21. How can I change our billing contact with GlobalVision?

You can send an email to [email protected] to update any information in your account with GlobalVision.



22. How is software shipped?

Upon request, physical copies of the software can be shipped to the customer. Otherwise, they are sent electronically. The customer will receive an email with a link to a page, on which they can download their version of the software.


23. Do I need a loading dock to receive hardware?

Ideally, yes. If a shipment requires a loading dock and one is not available, extra costs would have to be incurred by the customer with the transportation company.



24. What GlobalVision training solutions are available?

GlobalVision offers remote and on-site training options. Both are led by trained GlobalVision instructors.


25. How do I validate a server deployment?

The GlobalVision Validation Document applies to one server and one client. Either GlobalVision validates the server and client remotely or on-site or the customer does on their own, should they choose that option. In the case of a hosted deployment of GlobalVision Web (hosted on GlobalVision servers), no validation on the part of the customer is required.


26. What are the benefits of renewing software or system maintenance?

Renewing your maintenance package entitles you to upgrades, support, and additional training (whenever you require it).


27. What is the difference between software and system maintenance?

System maintenance constitutes a remote assessment or on-site visit to assess and repair a complete GlobalVision system. Software maintenance constitutes remote support and is included in system maintenance packages.


28. What is included in software maintenance?

Software maintenance includes coverage of product questions, product issues/ bugs, email/ chat/ phone support, and access to the support portal.


29. What is “system optimization?”

System optimization is the term for remote support at an hourly rate for customers without a maintenance plan.


30. What kind of system maintenance is included with my complete GlobalVision system?

The first 12 months of maintenance, featuring software maintenance and updates for GlobalVision desktop purchases, is included in the cost of the system. If the system breaks, we’ll fix or replace it. For GlobalVision Web customers, support and updates are included in the subscription price.


31. What constitutes a complete system?

A complete GlobalVision system includes the Application and accompanying hardware (monitor, scanner, and stand).


32. What is the difference between an on-site maintenance visit and an on-site installation?

An on-site installation is to install a system and train employees. An on-site service visit is for maintenance, calibration, and additional training. An installation is a two-day visit. On-site maintenance takes place over one day. Training in both instances is for a maximum of four users. Travel and expenses are included in each case.


33. What is a classroom installation or training visit?

A classroom installation or training visit takes place over two days and is for five or more users. As with GlobalVision on-site maintenance visits and on-site installations, travel and expenses are included.


34. When does software maintenance start?

Software maintenance packages kick in upon issuance of license key.


35. What happens when the included maintenance ends?

Your GlobalVision account manager will contact you before your support plan expires.


36. Until what point can I renew my software maintenance package?

You may renew your software maintenance package as long as there is not a gap in time between the point at which your last package expired and your renewal request.


37. How can I renew my software or system maintenance plan?

You will be notified by email that your plan is expiring and your account manager will contact you.


38. Is my hardware still under warranty?

As long as you renew your system maintenance plan, your hardware warranty applies. Initially, 12 months are included. Additional maintenance packages can be purchased through your account manager, with a maximum of five-year system maintenance plans being offered.


39. What is the longest system maintenance plan you offer?

GlobalVision offers five-year system maintenance plans.


40. Am I eligible for a software upgrade?

You qualify for an upgrade, provided you have a valid maintenance plan. Additional fees may apply.

NOTE: Your hardware may require a separate upgrade to support new software versions.


41. If I have a valid maintenance plan and wish to upgrade, what is included?

If you wish to upgrade with a valid maintenance plan, the following is included:

  • The software itself.
  • One hour of remote refresher training to previously trained users.
  • A new validation document (if one had previously been purchased).

The following comprises a list of examples of what isn’t included:

  • Any on-site work (installation, validation, training).
  • Remote or on-site training to new users.


42. What are my upgrade options if I don’t have a maintenance plan?

You can buy an upgrade if you are at most two major versions behind the latest release.

EXAMPLE: If you currently use GlobalVision Desktop Version 3.X.X, you can upgrade to GlobalVision Desktop Version 5.X.X. You may not upgrade to GlobalVision 6.X.X (once released).


43. What If I am three or more versions behind, without a maintenance plan?

If you are three or more versions behind the latest release, you must buy a new system.


44. Can my old maintenance plan be grandfathered in?

No, you need to buy or renew to a maintenance plan that is currently being offered by GlobalVision.


45. How can I change my technical contact with GlobalVision?

Contact your GlobalVision account manager or support representative.


46. If I have a question that is not listed here, who can I contact for an answer?

You can contact [email protected].

NOTE: All purchasing conditions stated above are subject to change at the seller's discretion.

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