The Lasso Selection Tool is located in Master Toolbar

Lasso Selection
allows the selection of specific portions of the Master file to be included or excluded in a Graphics Inspection.

  • Click the Lasso Selection icon to access its drop-down options.
  • Select Add to inspection. Whatever you Lasso with Add to inspection will be included in the inspection.
  • Click with the mouse to form your selection. To undo the last segment, click on the yellow dot to re-drag.
  • When you're done, click back to the first point. 
  • You can add as many separate lasso selections on the Master to be included in the same inspection. The inspection, once it is run, only verifies the selected shapes.
  • To remove a portion of the Master to be inspected select Remove from inspection and follow the same process as above.
  • To remove the entire lasso selection and start again, right-click on the created shape and select Reset to full page.

NOTE: If a separate shape has been selected via Region Mode or the PDF Viewer and the Lasso Selection shapes appear within, all of the contents excluding the lasso selection will be inspected.

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