Region Mode lets you select an area in the image to be inspected. 

  • Full Page: The entire page gets selected as the inspection area. 
  • Shape: Shape mode is used to detect a shape for repeat detection. The tool will perform a detection to auto-select the shape. 
  • Marquee: Click and drag to select the area to be used for the inspection. 
  • Trim: The largest bounding area of the image is selected. 
  • You can also create a shape for repeat detection with the Marquee tool by creating the shape and clicking Crop to Contents.
  • If you right-click on a layer and choose Set as shape region & hide or Use as shape region it will automatically get set as the Shape

For marquee and trim selections, additional options exist in the right-click menu:

  • Choose between applying the selection to a different number of pages.
  • Click Change to circle to replace the rectangular selection with a circular one.

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