Main Toolbar

File: New job, load master, and load sample.
Load from Scanner (Print Inspection Only): Scan master, scan sample, select source.
Reset: Clear all inspection results and return to the main view.
Forward: Return to the inspection view.

Back: Retain all inspection results and return to the main view.
Graphics Inspection: Graphics inspection performed when selected.
Color Inspection: Color inspection performed when selected.
Barcode Inspection: Barcode inspection performed when selected.

Braille Inspection:  Braille inspection performed when selected.
Text Inspection:  Text inspection performed when selected.
Spelling Inspection: Spelling inspection performed when selected.
Inspect: Run the selected inspection mode. 

Profile Settings: Manage inspection profiles for the selected inspection mode (admin manager accounts only).
Report: Generate inspection report(s).
Help: Licensing, give feedback, support, shortcuts, about.
Menu: Resolution (300, 400, 600,800, 1200, Custom) , administration (settings, audit trail, user maintenance, reporting levels, comments, workflows, backup, force review of all differences, force inclusion of all differences) change password, layout, preferences, logout. 

Master and Sample Toolbar

PDF Options Master/Sample: Toggle PDF options for PDF/AI Files on or off.
File Information Master/Sample: Image details.
Image Adjustments: Adjust brightness, contract, and gamma of master or sample images.
OCR (Optical character recognition): Make marquee selections on scanned documents compatible with spelling inspection.

Measurement Tools: Rectangle, Line, Report
Manual Alignment Master/Sample: Align selected point on master image with selected point on sample image.
Crop to Contents Master/Sample: Auto-adjust crop area within the bounds of the image.
Reload Page Master/Sample: Reload page. 

Rotate Master/Sample: Rotate 90 CW, rotate 90 CCW, rotate 180, arbitrary rotate, mirror horizontally, mirror vertically.
Color Picker Master/Sample
: Display :, RGB, CMYK, and LAB values of selected point.
Marquee Zoom Master/Sample: Select zoom area.
Reset View Master/Sample: Restore image to original size.

Save View Master/Sample: Save image displayed in Window. 

Master Toolbar Only 

Lasso Selection: Add to inspection, remove from inspection.
Region Mode (Master): Full page, marquee, trim, shape.
Match Scale (Sample): Scale sample image to master image dimensions.

Sample Toolbar Only

Crop (Sample): Crop sample image.
Support Rotated Repeats (Sample): Enable detection of rotated or nested sample images.
Match Scale (Sample): Scale sample image to master image dimensions. 

Inspection View Toolbar (Graphics and Text )

Flash (Sample): Increase flash rate.
Flash (Sample): Decrease flash rate.
Set repeat as Master (Sample): Set selected repeat as master image.
Show Mask (Sample): Mask, numbers, boxes. 

Difference review actions (sample): Group, add, exclude.
Resync Tool (sample): Remove identical results detected as differences from difference list (text inspection). 

Page Selection Toolbar Icons

Page Selection: All pages, even pages, odd pages, page range.
Reset Pages: Reset page selection.
Show pages/Hide pages: Show or hide all pages in master or sample for easier navigation.
Clear all Master/Sample
: Clear all text/spelling partial inspection selections. 

Live Text Master/Sample: Show live text.
Cross-out Text Master/Sample:
Cross-out text so it is not inspected.
Underline Text Master/Sample: Underline text so it is inspected.
Create Zones Master/Sample: Match and compare specific selections of master and sample text. 

Reset Pages: Reset page selection. 

Job Wizard

Previous: Move back to last screen.
Next: Move to next screen.
Close: Close job wizard.
Inspect: Perform inspection. 

Scan Sample: Scan in and select sample file.
Scan Master/Sample: Scan in and select file.
Load Master: Select master file from file path.
Load Master/Sample: Select Master/Sample file from file path. 

Scan for Barcodes: Scan sample for barcodes to use as job ID and to find potential matches for master file.
Add from Job Path: Add master file from job path via scan for barcodes feature.
Marquee Selection: Select area on master to inspect against sample.
Workflow Profile: Preset inspection workflow.

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