Click the Page Selection icon for the option to include or exclude pages from a multi-page document when running an inspection. 

This launches the Select Pages window. When clicking the icon in the Master panel, the Select Master Pages window will pop up. When clicking the icon in the Sample panel, the Select Sample Pages window pops up instead.

To include/ exclude different pages in a master or sample file before running an inspection:

  • Click Include or Exclude on the left side of the window.
  • Click either All Pages, Even Pages, or Odd Pages, or enter a custom range on the right side.
  • To finalize the page range, select Apply to Master/ Apply to Sample depending on the panel in which the Page Selection icon was selected.
  • Select Copy to Sample/ Copy to Master to apply the same range to the other panel.
  • Click the Reset Pages icon to the left of the Page Selection to negate your selection.

NOTE: Copy to Sample/ Copy to Master can only be used when the number of pages is the same in the Master and Sample.

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