Navigating Differences

  • Use the track wheel or Master/ Sample Marquee Zoom in the Inspection View to zoom in or out of the image.
  • Hold the left mouse button and move it around to pan the image.
  • To review multiple pages, navigate through them at the bottom left of the Inspection View.
  • Select a specific difference (where applicable) and highlight it in the Inspection View by clicking its corresponding number in the Difference List. The difference gets highlighted in the Inspection View.
  • NOTE: Ensure "Automatically Zoom" to each difference is checked in the Preferences window (under Menu) to zoom in on individual differences once selected.
  • Review differences in repeats by clicking the corresponding repeat in the Repeats found panel. The repeat’s individual differences will load in the Difference List.
  • For more information, see the “Layouts” sub-section in future chapters.

Reviewing Differences

  • Select a difference by clicking it in the Difference List in your layout to assign levels (i.e., Critical, Major, Minor) and comments. For more information on assigning levels and comments to differences, see the corresponding sections on the Difference List and Difference Details panel in subsequent chapters.
  • Navigate to the next difference by pressing the DOWN ARROW key, pressing the F11 key, or by clicking Include in the Difference Details panel. Pressing the F12 key or clicking Exclude also navigates to the next difference but excludes the initial one from the report.
  • Navigate to the previous difference by pressing the UP ARROW key or by clicking it.
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