Creating a Layout (Workspace) 

The Inspection View contains panels that let you review the graphics inspection results and add levels and comments to differences. These panels make up your layout and can be displayed or hidden as required. 

Layout customization is ideal for multi-monitor configurations as panels can be placed on separate displays. 

To view the different layout panels that can be loaded, click Menu > Layout

NOTE: The Barcodes and Braille panels can only be selected if the applicable licenses were purchased.

To display/ hide the panels:

  • Uncheck the panel name in the Layout drop-down menu or click the X in the top-right corner of the panel once it has been loaded to hide it. 
  • Check the name of a hidden panel in the Layout drop-down menu to display it.

To move a given panel:

  • Click the title bar, hold down, and shift it to one of the empty areas in the margins of your screen.

To save your layout so that it re-appears as is upon closing and re-opening the Application: 

  • Click Save Layout.

To reset your layout to the default:

  • Click Reset Layout.
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