GV Desktop 4.0.0
GV Desktop 4.1.0
GV Desktop 5.0.0 

Q: How can I run a multi inspection?

A: Select the drop down next to the Perform Multi Inspection button. Be sure to select the appropriate Action and Profile before running the inspection for each app.

Q: How can I choose or extract a shape from my master file?

A: Right click an available Layer or Separation in the and choose Set as Shape Region and Hide.

Q: Can I marquee an area on all pages automatically?

A: Yes, you can draw a marquee, right click inside and choose:

Q: Are PDF page boxes supported?

A: Yes, predefined Media, Crop or Trim boxes are supported.

Q: How can I switch back to a classic 1 view panel when viewing differences?

A: Go to File Menu > Layout > Master Panel

Q: Can I rearrange the inspection view?

A: Yes, simply drag out any of the side view panels or close any one. You can even save the view that you like or reset the view back to default by going to the File Menu and Layout.

Q: I’m locked out of my account.

A: Contact your system administrator for assistance. 

Q: My scanner is not working.

A: Try to turn off the scanner wait 2 minutes and power it back on. If the same issue occurs record the error message(s) and contact [email protected].

Q: Can a specify a path for where the reports are saved?

A: Yes, click on the File Menu and select Preferences.

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