Braille Inspection Mode lets you inspect separate master or sample files for Braille translation or to compare the two. The Application supports both digital documents and scanned copies of embossed Braille.

Braille Compare 

The Braille Compare Sample toolbar appears above the Inspection View sample panel once a sample has been inspected. It contains the following tools:

Image to Display

The Image to Display drop-down list lets the user toggle between different images in the Inspection View Sample panel. The default is the Sample image.

NOTE: Image to Display only appears as an icon on the Sample toolbar after Compare PDF to Scan (Frontside) inspections.

Show Braille Surface Image 

To display only the Braille surface image, which filters out the similarities between the multiple scans of the sample the GlobalVision F2 makes to accentuate the Braille:

  • Click the Image to Display icon.
  • Select Braille Surface from the drop-down list.

Show Braille Threshold Image 

To display only the Braille Threshold image, which brightens everything above the set Braille threshold (in the selected action) and darkens everything below (further accentuating the Braille): 

  • Click the Image to Display icon.
  • Select Braille Threshold from the drop-down list.
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