Text Inspection Mode lets you compare either left-to-right, right-to-left, or Asian copy in Master and Sample files. The two can be different file types that are laid out differently or files with similar layouts (revisions). 

Before performing an inspection, the action and profile for Text Inspection Mode must be selected. 

Default Text Profiles

Click the Profile drop-down menu to access the Application’s library of available profiles.

The following default profiles are installed with the system: 

  • Profile: Different Layout (Cartons and Labels), File Types (Master and Sample): Two electronic files with different layouts
  • Profile: Different Layout (Inserts and Booklets), File Types (Master and Sample); Two electronic files with different layouts, like a Word doc and one featuring a laid-out booklet/ insert
  • Profile: QRD, File Types (Master and Sample); Two electronic files including a QRD template and a laid-out sample
  • Profile: Same Layout (Revisions), File Types (Master and Sample); Two electronic files sharing the same layout to be inspected for revision purposes (minor changes expected)

Adding Text Profiles

To create a text profile from scratch:

  1. Select Profile  > Manage
  2. Click Add. The Edit Profile window will display with pre-populated (default) values.
  3. Enter the new profile name in the Profile Name text box.
  4. Update the values as required.
  5. Click Apply. The Profile window will display, featuring the new profile name

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