Resync Text (located only on the Sample toolbar) may be used to remove an undesired difference that is an identical match between the Master and Sample from the inspection results.

To resync a difference (applies to only Change, Insertion, and Deletion differences), click the Underline Text icon underneath the Master panel and click and drag the crosshairs to select the difference in question. The text gets underlined in blue. 

Alternatively, right-click on the difference in the Difference List and choose Select on master in the menu that pops up. The text in question gets underlined in blue. Repeat either process for the same text to get highlighted in the Sample. You can use the Resync panel that pops up as guide, by clicking on a potential match to zoom in on it in the Sample (and then underlining it).

Then click the Resync Text icon and, if the selections are identical, the difference is removed from the Difference List and the difference count is re-numbered.  If the selections are not identical, the difference is re-classified as Change and does not get removed.

A resynced difference cannot be undone and the inspection will have to be re-run to get the original results back.

To clear a selection, right-click on the text underlined in blue. From the menu that appears, select Clear to clear the underline from the word or Clear All to clear all underlines.

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