Message 1 

Issue when trying to select a scanner and the following error is detected
There are no scanners attached to this system.


  1. Access WideSystem and redetect the scanners, provided scanner communication is done via WideSystem
  2. Make sure the scanner is powered on
  3. Check cabling to the scanner to make sure it is connected correctly

Message 2 

Cannot send email upon new user creation or password reset.
There has been an error sending the email notification, please check your smtp settings.

Solution: Enable email notifications (Menu  > Administration > Settings) section was not enabled and set accordingly

Message 3 

When conducting a graphics inspection the following error may occur.
Size mismatch error

Inspection of the following file was not possible:
Please try one of the following:

  • Marquee select the inspection area
  • Matching Scale
  • Manual Alignment
  • Enabling Support for rotated samples
  • Adjusting Pattern Similarity

Reason: This may be due to the fact that the files are of different dimensions
Try one of the above for the graphics inspection

Message 4 

Problem: Invalid password message in GV 5.4 after creating a new account

Actual password: Il71xiYm
When trying to validate the new account with this password you receive the error message:

It is then necessary to login in with an admin account and reset the password for this new account. The new password will work.


  • The temporary password generated by the system is valid.
  • The font used in the message box makes it difficult to distinguish the first two letters in the password.
  • The first two letters in the password are uppercase if followed by a lowercase L.
  • The temporary password will not be recognized when it is typed with anything other than that.

Message 5

Problem: Enable Network Licensing was turned on for a perpetual non-concurrent license
Uncheck “Enable Network Licensing

Message 6

Registration ID Blank

Problem:  The software did not generate a Registration ID to submit for an activation key request.

Solution:   The user admin will need to delete the "Key-Base" folder located in the file path C:\ProgramData\Key-Base

Message 7

The error message will appear when the Master and Sample files are not rasterized at the same DPI value when you try to run the inspection:

To set a custom value in DPI:

  • Click Menu > Resolution > Custom
  • Click and enter your own value or press the arrows on either side of the box and click OK

Message 8

When a document has been prepared for an inspection and the following window appears:

This is because the “Clear All” icon was selected at the bottom of the inspection window:

Click “Yes” if you want to proceed with clearing all underlines, cross-outs, or zones. Click “No” if you want to retain all underlines, cross-outs, or zones.

Message 9

Q: Where can I find the options for password length, complexity, lifespan?
: Only someone with admin rights has the ability to view/change these values.
> Administration > Settings

In the case above, GlobalVision desktop retains the last 3 passwords of the user, the password lasts for 90 days, MUST contain digits and letters (alphanumeric) and be at least 8 characters in length.

If the alphanumeric option is disabled the software will still allow alphanumeric characters.

Client wanted to manually adjust the difference type filters on the fly without having to create several profiles.

It is not possible to change those without having admin privileges.

He also wanted to remove the unwanted filters from the report after an inspection as he did not know what he wanted to filter out until after the inspection.

Q: How can I find out how many licenses I have for GlobalVision?

A: By clicking on Help > About you will be brought to the about page, displaying version number, licensed modules, serial number, and license type which displays how many people can simultaneously use the software.

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