GlobalVision Desktop 5.8.0 is a major non-validated PC release. It features a revamped User Manager (user maintenance) and upgrades impacting Text and Barcode Inspection modes among others.


  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) integrated into Text Inspection.
  • OCR integrated to assess matches between UPN/ EAN barcodes and Human-Readable Values.
  • Barcode Scan grid integrated into Barcode Inspection.
  • Alternative grade-output format for barcodes now available.
  • Option to select between ISO/ IEC 2016 barcode grading now available.
  • Show/Hide functionality added for underlines, cross-outs, and zones.
  • User Manager now includes licensing/ group-management functionalities.
  • Color scheme of Barcode Inspection grades updated.
  • PSD, PPT file support added.
  • Access added to video tutorials.
  • Languages added to user interface, installer.

Bug Fixes

  • Decoded value increased in size in Barcode Inspection.
  • Seconds added to timestamps in Audit Trail.
  • Window headings and error messages updated for clarity purposes.
  • Shape by default functionality appropriately renamed to Add to shape library.

To upgrade to GlobalVision Desktop 5.8.0, please contact [email protected].

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